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Importance of communities in open source movement

Vivek Ratan

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Community Buliding and Open Source Movement MSCOSCONF2009 #MOSC2010 | Technology | Digital & Social Media

At present, among the numerous open source software projects, there are successful examples of

... centralized services with the community-led ethos of the original #internet. #WIRED https://bit.ly/2QnZ1b6 pic.twitter.com/1koqyrO2EJ

image from We're Not Alone! Sharing experiences at Maintainerati Berlin 2019

A mechanism to explore proactive knowledge retention in open source software communities - Rashid - - Journal of Software: Evolution and Process - Wiley ...

myriad data sources.

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Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking: E. Gabriella Coleman: 9780691144610: Amazon.com: Books

Each institutional repository generally serves a particular community. Usually, the community will

Cover of the Book „Building Open Source Hardware“


Creating ideas together with crowd innovation.

Brandeis University and Open Source Initiative to Launch New Educational Partnership.


Free and Open Source Software and FRAND‐based patent licenses - Maracke - 2019 - The Journal of World Intellectual Property - Wiley Online Library

Within the financial services industry much of the conversation around open- source software focuses on regulations and licensing; ensuring that developers ...

These resources were created in partnership with the TODO (Talk Openly, Develop Openly) Group – the professional open source networking group at The Linux ...

Popular projects on Open Hub (Web catalogue for open-source.

License Remark from the book (jpg)

IoT Open Source | 2019 Guide on Platforms, Tools, and Raspberry Pi Projects

The Place Diagram is one of the tools PPS has developed to help communities evaluate places. The inner ring represents a place's key attributes, ...

Why open source today is necessary but not sufficient – and what we should do about

Gathering for Open Science Hardware 2017: building a movement

The Cathedral & the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary

IoT Open Source Image

Speaker slides and video: Open Source & Software Development | O'Reilly OSCON

The Four Essential Elements of an Asset-Based Community Development Process The Four Essential Elements of an Asset-Based Commun

Estimated global market share of open-source software (in %,

Explaining Explainable AI

Agroecology as a Pathway Towards Food Sovereignty in Ethiopian Forest Communities

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Possibilities: Creating Communities Through Makerspaces by Buffy Hamilton Atlanta Mini Maker Faire 2012

Building software that pushes the boundaries of technology. With engineers connected to open source communities ...

Open source software

BB&T and SunTrust Announce $60 Billion Truist Bank Community Benefits Plan

The most used open-source software licenses worldwide.

foraus helps create the crowd innovation feature

A color photograph of the Stonewall Inn, taken in the summer of 2016; the

The Maker Movement gleans strength from the passion of maker communities around the world, and the fine state of Colorado shines bright ...

Their Encyclopaedia of Human-Computer Interaction is a simply staggering resource of well over 4000 pages.

Ancient Wellness

AWS Certified Architect Developer Bundle 2019


Gathering for Open Science Hardware 2017: building a movement | PLOS Collections

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2. An exceptional commitment to the highest quality

I have recently spent some time on Pango again, in preparation for the Westcoast hackfest. Behdad is here, and we've made great progress on the first day.

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Abstract Submission is open --> here. S4SLIDE Session --> 7.10 Subaqueous Mass Movements and Their Consequences: From Scientific Knowledge to Geohazard ...

In 1995, a local group called the Dunbar Coalition, Inc. took over the property to create a community center ...

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Slashdot Top Deals

Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let's start in these four areas.

Graceful trees of Nono Sele

The OSI model explained: How to understand (and remember) the 7 layer network model

Writing test is an important part of Plugin development in GStreamer or rather for all most all software development. There are several reasons which ...

From theory to practice: Placemaking grows into an international movement

Denied Use of Roundabouts, Can Yellow Vests Stay United, Visible and Viable?Denied Use of Roundabouts, Can Yellow Vests Stay United, Visible and Viable?

Emergence of Open Construction Systems

The ABCs of open-source license compliance

A major step for PLOS, and scholarly communication

Social Medicine: The Effect of Social Media on the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Local community solar developers and installers and a public artist/trained solar installer also spoke about their work.

Open Source


Experimental Futures

Why the Maker Movement Is Important to America's Future

PR: Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority Approves Tokenized Real Estate Investment Product

The judgment opened with a quote from Frantz Fanon: “For a colonised people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the ...

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Trends of Global Displacement (2009-2018)


Why Agriculture Traceability Matters to Companies, Consumers and Communities - ICTworks

Dialogue and deliberation during a September 2016 community meeting OSU Extension convened in Corbett, Oregon

What is community development?

Clustering drug-drug interaction networks with energy model layouts: community analysis and drug repurposing | Scientific Reports

Five Laws of Media and Information Literacy


Always an open source company

۰ پاسخ ۷بازتوییت ۱۱ پسندیدن

Read the Keep it Clean Plan!

Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement whose mission is to unite people and cities to protect the planet. Earth Hour is an open source movement in ...

What started off as a fringe anti-establishment movement for a cypherpunk niche has found